We Produce.

May 6, 2016

Where to take you from here?

DadboysBeach_nLink to 40+ websites we’ve written?  Have you listen to any one of dozens of radio commercials we’ve produced?  Send you off to our video sample page listing some 30  industrial video projects and TV commercials?  And how, pray tell, can we link you to 1000’s of pages of concept, creative brief, marketing planning and creative development pages we’ve written for over 160 clients?

Because the thinking behind the creative is what separates the creative itself.

If you’ve seen a pic of PUNCH’s owner… you’ll readily understand why we’re creating a bit of a smorgasbord on this page.  Bon appetit!

Web Samples.  
Here’s four of my favorites:

Songer Services  ◊   Transitions Lenses Eyeglass Guide   ◊   Veraction Total TSM   ◊   U.S. Abe Clothing, Boot & Uniform

Radio Spots.
Here’s four of my favorites + a Bonus 84:

Clearview Federal  ◊   Kraft Foods   ◊   U.S. ABE  ◊   84 Lumber   ◊   84 Lumber “Character” Launch

Print Samples.
Here’s four of my favorites:

Standard Steel Brochure ◊   Songer Services Capabilities  ◊   SPE Credit Union Direct   ◊   ALCOA Michelob Ad

Learn More’s.
Web pricing, resume, client list & serious caloric intake.

Web Pricing Helper   ◊   Current CV for PUNCH owner Danny Evans   ◊   Client List   ◊   Killer Grilled Pierogi Potatoes